I'm Hailey Bailey and I'm a crochet pattern designer and indie yarn dyer residing in Salem, OR, with my husband Jeff, our son Archer, and our animal children, Dexter the Corgi, Roxy the mini Aussie, and Charlie the tortoise.

I create hand-dyed yarn and crochet patterns for those who love nature, color, a bit of texture, and a modern but classic style. I learned to crochet in 2016, but I’ve been a maker all my life. I was the weird kid you would find in the back of the room crumpling construction paper into balls and shaping them into birds (true story).  My crochet designs and yarns are inspired by nature and informed by a background in Art Therapy Counseling. Art has always been my own therapy and helped me through some of the hardest moments of my life.

I have always been in love with color. In my eyes, the more complex, earthy, and moody a hue is, the better. I especially love to see colors harmonize beautifully in combination. I create each new colorway of yarn with the intention that it can be combined with any of the others to create a stunning composition.

As someone with a professional background in mental health, I love to create designs with a therapeutic intention in mind, and I provide a bit of extra support and guidance throughout my patterns to help you enjoy the process and be able to create your finished project successfully (and feel that amazing sense of accomplishment!)
Often, my inspiration is drawn directly from creatures or found objects. I create designs that remind me of my favorite parts of nature and how they relate to my own life. For example, I was married on a summer day in a beautiful field. In this field were birds I had never seen before: small and finch-like with beaks that crossed over themselves like a pair of crossed fingers in a promise. Over a year later, I played with crochet stitches and discovered a stitch that mirrored that crossed-over beak. I was inspired to design a sweater incorporating this detail. To most, the design is visually interesting, but even more important to me is that I know it is a sweater telling the story of my wedding. Not everyone who creates the sweater will know this story, but in simply being able to tell it through stitches and yarn, I am reminded why I make. 

Whether you already draw your ideas from nature or whether this idea is new to you, I invite you to enter this world with me. Re-introduce yourself to your world. Go find what is unique and beautiful about where you live. Whether it is an old walking path you frequented years ago or a body of water that can give you a moment of quiet, find your space. Get down on the ground and take a closer look at the moss, or the leaves, or the bark. Find details that you never noticed before, and then never forget them.